Reining Australia

The peak national sporting body for the sport of reining in Australia - Reining Australia is a nonprofit association dedicated to developing the sport of reining and the reining horse industry.

Reining Australia is recognised as the official National Association Affiliate of the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) International Affiliate Programme, in the USA.

All Reining Australia sanctioned shows are conducted in accordance with the international NRHA show rules and horse welfare standards.

National Events & Industry Incentive Programmes

Reining Australia promotes a series of national championship shows each year to recognise the best reining horses and riders in the country.

Collectively the Gold Buckle Futurity, Australian Reining Breeders’ Cup and Equitana provide a series of aged and open events over a horse’s show career offering prize money specifically intended to incentivise owners to professionally campaign the best bred reining horses in order to grow the Australian reining horse industry.

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Gold Buckle Futurity

The Gold Buckle Futurity programme is designed to generate and guarantee a minimum prize money pool each year for the premier 3 year old Open Futurity class. 

With the number of horses entered into the programme growing each year the 2014 prize money pool is expected to approach $40,000.


Australian Reining Breeders’ Cup

Modelled on the highly successful National Reining Breeders Classic in the USA, the ARBC is both an event and industry breeding incentive programme with an underlying mission to promote the breeding of reining horses in Australia through the provision of a lucrative and prestigious event specifically designed for the derby year progeny of the best Australian and international reining stallions

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EQUITANA Australian Open Reining Championships

With an event prize pool of $40,000 the Australian Open Reining Championship attracts the best horse and rider combinations to Equitana in November each year.

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2014 World Equestrian Games

Reining is growing in popularity around the world. In 2010 Australia sent a team of 4 riders to Kentucky USA for WEG - Warren Backhouse, Martin Larcombe, Warwick Schiller and Shauna Lacombe.

The WEG 2014 Australian Reining team will be announced in late April.

Reining Origins

The origins of Reining lay in a cowboy or stockman needing an agile & responsive horse; one that changes direction easily on the correct lead, stops quickly and turns to chase after an errant cow, and then just stands patiently whilst observing the herd.

Reining demonstrates the ideal qualities of a horse through a set pattern of circles, lead changes, spins, stops and rollbacks. Through reining a rider learns to instinctively communicate with their horse by only the lightest touch of the reins and leg pressure, controlling its body position in any given situation. A horse trained in reining is willingly guided with no apparent resistance, staying calm and collected whilst responding to the rider's command.

Competitive Reining

Competitive reining is designed to show the athletic ability of the ‘ranch type’ horse in the confines of a show arena.

Contestants are required to run one of eleven approved patterns, divided into seven or eight manoeuvres, including small slow circles, large fast circles, lead changes, 360 degree spins, and the exciting sliding stops that are the hallmark of the reining horse.

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