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Dennis Neylon

Committee Member

Resides - Queensland


Mission statement: - to provide a continuity and comradery amongst all Affiliates.

My goal on the board is to provide my business skills to adapt and remodel with the best of my ability to create a team environment amongst all Affiliates, in the way of an open mind and great knowledge in
the development of our industry.

List of issues I would like to achieve: -
- closer bonding between clubs
- date of show modeling to avoid clashing
- date of clinic modeling
- team attitude and positive thinking internal in clubs and external
- provide resolutions if clubs require assistance.


My knowledge comes from professionally, I am an Electrical Engineer and have been in business for 22 yrs.

Within our industry, I have been a member since 1993 when we were called NRHA Australia. My
membership number is 98. I have achieved hiqhly in the pen on a national level and affiliate level since my first RA non-pro Futurity win in 1993. I was present at the inception of QRHA and on the board in the early 1990'S and in 2015.

Erin and I as Neylon Performance Horses are in the process of developing an extremely high standard of open and non-pro horses for our own competition and sale. We have been lucky enough to have wins in open futurity, derby, and open levels. I am currently working abroad for our next venture of one of our horses competing in the US derby's this year.

My scope from the non-pro and open horse side gives me a vast amount of knowledge in how and what is expected from both sides when decision making for club resolutions.

I am extremely excited to work with the board, and the membership to run a transparent portfolio for
all to gain. I wish to put forward my knowledge for the growth of the industry and help with what the Board has already achieved.

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