Gold Buckle Futurity

2019 Thomas Arena Products

Open Futurity Champions

Warren Backhouse & NPH Gunner Be A Goodnite 
Sire: Gunners Special Nite
Dam: Lilmissnoitall
Owner: Dave & Jane Manchon

Breeder: Neylon Performance Horses

About the Gold Buckle Futurity Program:
Reining Australia first introduced the Gold Buckle Futurity Program in 2011 for the Open Divisions only of the Reining Australia National Gold Buckle Futurity.  In 2017 the program was extended to include the Non-Pro Futurity.

The principle aim has been to attract the interest of all horse breeders and owners to become engaged with the Reining Australia in promoting progeny who may be destined for a reining career and in particular the Reining Australia National Gold Buckle Futurity. Owners who NOMINATE their progeny are potentially adding to their value and marketability while aiding in a more rewarding futurity with greater prize monies and trophies. Owners who NOMINATE their progeny at a young age will realise the cost benefits for those horses that progress to the Futurity.

The core difference to the conditions of ENTRY requirements meant that horses were required to first NOMINATE into the Gold Buckle Futurity Program as a precondition of ENTRY into Reining Australia National Gold Buckle Futurity.

HORSE NOMINATION - Conditions and Fees:
NOMINATION of a horse into the Gold Buckle Program will be accepted by Reining Australia from the time of foaling though to time of ENTRY.
The NOMINATION process can be actioned by the Horse Owner and is open to any horse regardless of Breed or Breed Registration.
There is no requirement for the Horse Owner to be a member of Reining Australia at the time of nomination.


A horse NOMINATED into the Reining Australia Gold Buckle Futurity Program may change ownership and retain its NOMINATION status under the new owner, provided Reining Australia is notified in writing on the Transfer of Ownership form. A Change of Ownership form is available for down-load on the RA Website. The new owner needs only to be a member of RA and NRHA once the horse is shown.


The Nominator Incentive is a benefit of the program that pays money back to the person that NOMINATES a horse which competes in the Open Level 4 division of the Reining Australia Gold Buckle Futurity.

A 5% is paid back to the nominator of the horse, even if that person no longer owns the horse. This payment applies to the Open Level 4 Prize money only.

NOMINATION Fees: Due 30th November each year
• Horse - Birth to Yearling 1 – 4 progeny NOMINATION FEE $220 each
                                         5 – 9 progeny NOMINATION FEE $165 each

                                        10   + progeny NOMINATION FEE $110 each
• Horse – two year old of age NOMINATION FEE $440 each

• Horse – Three year old of age NOMINATION FEE $660 each

  • Horse - Four year old of age NOMINATION FEE $880 each 

• Horse - 4 year old from December prior to Futurity to time of entry  NOMINATION FEE $1650 each

HORSE ENTRY - Conditions and Fees:
HORSES TO BE ENTERED in the Reining Australia Gold Buckle Futurity - Open or Non-Pro Divisions must first be NOMINATED. [See above]

AGE OF HORSES: A horse's birthday is calculated from the 1st August each year regardless of the time of year it is born. e.g.  A foal born on 1st August 2019 and another foal born 25th May 2020 are both regarded as yearlings on 1 August  2020.  This is also regardless of whether the horse is born in the Northern or Southern Hemispheres. 

HORSE LICENCE: Horses must be licensed with RA and or NRHA prior to acceptance of ENTRY into the RA Gold

Buckle Futurity.

MEMBERSHIP: For ENTRY of a horse in the Reining Australia Gold Buckle Futurity, Open or Non-Pro Divisions the Owner and Rider are required to be members of RA and NRHA. 

SUBSTITUTION/TRANSFER OF ENTRY: No consideration for any reason will be given to the substitutions or transfer

of an ENTRY.

REINING AUSTRALIA  reserve the right to interpret, modify or amend conditions to the Gold Buckle Futurity where appropriate. 

   •  Entry Fee for Open Division can be subject to change depending on  Prize money on offer

  • Entry Fee for the Non Pro Division may vary and will be determined at the time of setting the program each year

  • A percentage of the Gold Buckle nominated money will be allocated to the Non Pro Level 4 division

To enter the Intermediate Level 3 and Limited Level 2 Divisions within the Gold Buckle Open Futurity, riders must be entered

in the Level 4 Open Futurity.

To enter the Intermediate Level 3 and Limited Level 2 Divisions within the Gold Buckle Non Pro Futurity, riders must be

entered in the Level 4 Open Non Pro Futurity

FUTURITY PAYOUT: 1st 28%, 2nd 18%, 3rd 16%, 4th 14%, 5th 8%, 6th 6%, 7th 4%, 8th to 10th 2%
Please note the 5% nominator incentive is deducted from the above percentages.

• NOMINATE horse into Gold Buckle Futurity Program [see fee schedule – from foaling to time of entry]

• NOMINATION accepted, invoice paid, recorded and certificate issued by Reining Australia.

• Transfer of Ownership if applicable. New owner need only be current members of RA/NRHA at time of competition.

   (RA Transfer of Ownership Form on website)

• Owner membership of RA/NRHA to be current

• Rider membership of RA/NRHA to be current

• Obtain RA/NRHA Horse Completion Licence

• ENTER horse into Reining Australia Gold Buckle Futurity - Open / Non-Pro Divisions


Reining Australia reserves the right to cancel this event without notice at any time prior to the show without liability, but in

such event will return all entry money to the subscribers. Interest earned on the entries is the property of Reining Australia.

Should further information be required please contact the Reining Australia Office Manager
Mobile 0412 479 340

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