Green Rider Program

Green Rider Level One and Level Two Program

This Series starts the 1st of January of each year and application to the program must be done on line on the RA Website.

The finals will be held at each Affiliate Clubs last show prior to the Reining Australia National Show of that year.


How It Works

Each Affiliate will run these classes in conjunction with their Club Shows throughout the year, Green
Rider Level 1 & 2 will be run concurrently, competitors can only compete in one level.

Green Rider Level 1

Open to any rider holding valid RA Green Rider card and has less than $100 in RA lifetime earnings, all categories, has less than twenty five (25) lifetime Youth points and less than fifty (50) Green Rider points.

Green Rider Level 2

Open to any rider holding valid RA Green Rider card and has less than $100 in RA lifetime earnings, all categories, has less than twenty five (25) lifetime Youth points, more than 50 Green Rider points and less than 100 (100) Green points.

Once a rider is not eligible for Rookie Level 1 they are automatically ineligible for the Green Rider program as of the 1st January.

Green Rider Level 1 & 2 Conditions

  • All riders must pay the Annual fee of $50 to be in the program, unless they are RA Full Members

  • Entry fees are to be determined by show management

  • Show management cannot charge exhibitors a judge’s fee

  • Show management can retain any percentage of the entry fee

  • Must use NRHA patterns 1 – 13. However simple lead changes are allowed and the rider may use one (1) or two (2) hands on the reins or change from one handed to two handed throughout the performance.

  • Any legal headgear and equipment allowed.

The Point System
Regardless of how many are in each class the following points will be awarded for each class run.
10 points for first through to one point for 10th Place. No points are awarded for 0 scores.

  • Tied places will receive the same points equally. i.e. 6th place tie both receive 6 points each.

  • Finals ties will be separated by highest scoring run for that year

  • If both get the highest scoring run then we look at the next highest scoring run and so on.

Affiliate High Points

  1. Each Affiliate will hold a High Point throughout the year with the final held at their last club show prior to the Reining Australia Nationals.

  2. To be eligible for Green Rider High Point a competitor must be a member of that Affiliate at the time of points being counted.

  3. Affiliate winners will be announced on the RA Website and will be awarded a Green Rider Jacket

  4. A competitor can only be awarded a High Point Jacket at one Affiliate.


Reining Australia National Trophy Buckles
Entrants in the Green Rider program will also have the opportunity to run in their designated class at the Reining Australia Nationals with trophy buckles to be awarded to the winners of these two classes, this will be a clean slate final.

If a rider accumulates over 100 points during the year they will still be eligible to compete in Green Rider level 2 at the Nationals of that year.

Riders will automatically progress to level 2 throughout the year once they accumulate over 50 points.

A rider can only compete in one level.

At what level a rider competes at Nationals will be determined by the number of points they have a time of entry (Level 1 – 50 points and under, Level 2 more than 50 points.

A rider must compete at least once at their Affiliate to compete at Nationals.

Thomas Arena Products (Errol & Gita Thomas) kindly sponsor the awards to each affiliate for each of their winners of Green Rider Level 1 and Level 2 and Green Rider Buckles at the Nationals.



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