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The NRHA Judging system is the envy of many equestrian associations worldwide. With its systematic approach to evaluating each manoeuvre and specific penalty points deducted for errors and faults, it makes it one of the most objective and consistent judging systems in the equestrian world.

Four levels of judge's exist in Australia. The first are NRHA Judges who have passed NRHA Judging tests. Then there are 3 levels of Reining Australia Judges whom have passed similar Reining Australia judging tests at different levels. NRHA Judges must be utilised for Reining Australia shows that are NRHA Affiliate Qualifying Shows and for those Reining Australia shows that have more than $500 total added money. They can also be utilised for jackpotted or less than $500 added shows. If there are any effective date restrictions, they are noted. 

Reining Australia judges may be used only in Reining Australia events that are jackpotted or have less than $500 total added money. They may not be used in NRHA Affiliate Qualifying Shows or other NRHA Approved Reining Shows. Reining Australia Trainee Judge's may be used for non-sanctioned classes and Reining Australia bit judging. Reining Australia Bit Judge's may be used for Reining Australia classes. Reining Australia will be hosting both NRHA and Reining Australia Judge's Seminars and Tests throughout the year. Please watch the calendar for information on these seminars.

Reining Australia Judges

  • NRHA World Wide & NRHA Restricted - To judge all shows both National and State

  • Reining Australia Judge - To judge Reining Australia jackpot and ribbon shows

  • Reining Australia Trainee Judge - To judge Reining Australia ribbon shows only, where no prize money is involved.













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