Mare Of The Year

Statistically there are fewer mares winning reining classes than studs and geldings. This is even more pronounced at the elite Open classes. Quality mares are an essential part of a success fulbreeding programme, competitively proven mares even more so. Generally it is considered more difficult for a mare to out perform studs in elite reining competition, particularly in their 3 and 4 year old years. Those that do are exceptional and deserve Special recognition.



Mare of the Year  Eligibility and Criteria

  • Eligible categories are Open Mare of the Year and Non Pro Mare of the Year 

  • Classes where points are awarded for Open Mares are Open and Open Derby  

  • Classes where points are awarded for Non Pro Mares are Non Pro and Non Pro Derby  

  • Points will be awarded for five class places on a sliding scale with 5 points awarded to the highest placed mare 

  • For example:   highest scoring mare places 3rd  – 5 points

    •   next Mare place 7th  – 4 points

    •   next Mare place 8th  – 3 points

    •   next Mare place 12th – 2 points 

    •   next Mare place 15th 1 point


  • Points will be awarded for both classes when classes are run concurrently and the mare is entered in both classes 

  • Points can be accrued at one qualifier, one State Show and Nationals   


  •  Mares must get a score in the Open/Non Pro at all three shows (Nationals, State and a Qualifier)

  •  Mares that compete in more than one qualifier and State Show will have their highest place (s) counted


  • In the situation were no mares have fulfilled the criteria for Mare of the Year, the Board may consider awarding a High Point trophy to the highest scoring mare at the Nationals outside the placings as long as they have the required placings at a qualifier and State Show  

  • All mares are automatically nominated 

2016 Mare Of The Year


  • Open - Revolution Reddy Owned by Tony Mitchell

  • Non Pro - ME Lil Mercedes Chic Owned by Paul Sharp

  • Non Pro - Lil Miss Genius Owned by Neylon Performance Horses




2019 Mare Of The Year

  • Open - Smart Nu Georgie owned by Warren & Carol Backhouse, ridden by Ashleigh Backhouse

  • Non Pro - Seen The Light owned by Cameron Halliwell & Keiran Mosses

2018 Mare Of The Year

  • Open - Shine It Up A Notch owned by Cameron Halliwell

  • Non Pro - Shine It Up A Notch owned by Cameron Halliwell

2017 Mare Of The Year


  • Open - Dunrufnit Owned by Quarter Plus

  • Non Pro - Chexy Oak Owned by Smith Family

  • Non Pro - Lil Miss Genius Owned by Neylon Performance Horses



2015 Mare Of The Year


  • Open - Hasta La Vista Owned by Hayley Saunders

  • Non Pro - Lilmissnoitall Owned by Neylon Performance Horses



2014 Mare Of The Year


  • Open - Heavens Eleven Owned by Katherine Keldermen

  • Non Pro - Hustlers First Flame Owned by Katrina Beale

  • Futurity - Big River Urban Legend Owned by Guy Laurie

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