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Australia Hosts Youth World Cup in 2016

The AQHA require 15 reining horses to be on loan to the AQHA for a clinic and 2 reining competitions at YWC 2016.

Horses would be required to arrive at AELEC on Thursday 30th June and can depart on Saturday 2nd or Sunday 3rd July. The Reining clinics will be held on Friday 1st July.

Stables will be supplied with bedding no charge. Each stable will have a water & feed bin supplied. Lucerne hay & Grass Hay supplied to feed the horses.

Each horse on loan, will receive a neck rug combo as a thank you gift to the owner. The horses can only be ridden by the Youth. The Clinician is Warren Backhouse.

Insurance – if the horses are transported by a Professional Trainer, they will be covered for insurance on the travel to and from AELEC. They will be covered by insurance for mortality, up to $15,000, and vet bills if injured sick on the grounds.

If you can help out, please contact Kate Elliot - Mobile +61418 334 582 Email:

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