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Humpty Dumpty Foundation - Ladies Event

There's something special happening at this year's National Show ! One for the girls - the most EXCITING LADIES EVENT ever to be held in the COUNTRY ! $4,000 in prize money paid to 10th place & SADDLE for the winner as well as some other great prizes ! Make sure you get behind this one and support a wonderful charity - The Humpty Doo Foundation ! Thank you to Carolyn Peters of MMP for this great incentive !

Show Conditions

To be run at the RA Nationals Event - September, 2016- proposed for Wednesday afternoon • All entry fees received to be donated to the Humpty Dumpty Foundation. Humpty Dumpty is an organisation that supplies urgently needed medical equipment for children in regional and remote area Hospitals. Details for the Humpty Dumpty Foundation can be found at • Entry Fee is $200.00 plus a Judges Fee of $20.00 plus a Videographer Fee of $15.00 • TOTAL PRIZE MONEY POOL WILL BE $4,000.00 The Prize Money will be paid out to 10th place as per dot point 8 • A TROPHY SADDLE WILL BE AWARDED FOR 1ST PLACE.Other prizes will be paid out to 10thplace • A Handicap System for scoring will determine the placing. This means additional points will be added to your final judge's score as per the following - Eligibility will be determined as per your RA ineligibility as at 01.01.2016 . ../ 3 point start= Riders who can compete in Rookie level 2 or below ../ 2 point start = Riders who can compete in Limited Non Pro ../ 1 point start = Riders who can compete in Intermediate Non Pro ../ 1/2 point start = Riders who can compete in Open Non Pro ../ 0 Point start = Riders who cannot compete in any Non Pro events being Open Riders • For a practical example of the above system, if you qualify for Rookie Levell, and score a 70 by the judge, your final score will be 73 • Payout for prize money will be as follows: pt place = Saddle and $1000.00, 2nd = place $800.00, 3rd place=$600.00, 4th place= $400.00, 5th place= $300.00, 6thplace= $250.00, 7th place = $225.00, 8th place =$200.00, 9th place = $125.00,lOth place=$100 • If there is a tie for first place, there must be a run-off to determine the winner. If after the run off there is a tie for first place, the winner will be the person with the lower of penalty points as determined by the judge • This is a Non Sanctioned Ladies Event. You may only ride one handed • Apart from the above all other NRHA Rules apply • The pattern for the event is Pattern 10 • Entry to this event will be included and sent out to all RA members with their 2016 RA Nationals Pack For further details or queries please email

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