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Reining Australia welcomes Total Equine Genetics as a 2016 National Championsips Sponsor

Total Equine Genetics utilises state of the art technology and a highly skilled team to ensure that they remain at the forefront of equine reproduction technologies. Whether local or from further afield TEG looks forward to discussing the options for breeding your mare or stallion. • Mare Services: o Artificial insemination with fresh, chilled, frozen semen o Low dose insemination o Embryo transfer and embryo freezing o Mare breeding soundness examination o Evaluation and treatment of sub-fertile or problem broodmares

• Stallion services: o Semen collection and analysis o Storage & despatch o Semen freezing o Importing and exporting semen o Fertility diagnosis and treatment

Ring Michelle Williams on 0418 170 102 to discuss all your breeding needs.

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