Para Reining In Australia

Reining Australia is the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) International Affiliate Association (IAA) responsible for promoting and administering the sport of reining in Australia.Reining Australia is also responsible for liaison with Equestrian Australia to facilitate FEI Reining in Australia.


Challenged Riders in NRHA Classes

NRHA rules for judging allow for the use of aids by challenged competitors in NRHA/Reining Australia classes. 

B. SCORING (NRHA Handbook, p. 121)
(21) The NRHA Judges Committee will evaluate individual requests from challenged riders regarding the use of aids when exhibiting. In the event an individual is granted special privileges, he or she will be presented said privileges in writing and must provide a copy to the show committee each time he or she exhibits. 

The Show Committee is required to present said privileges to the Judge(s) as well as the individual’s draw number and exhibitor number prior to the class in which he or she will be competing.

Para-Reining Classes

Reining Australia is pleased to announce that Para-Reining classes as outlined in the NRHA rules (see below) will be supported at shows conducted by clubs affiliated with Reining Australia.

See NRHA Policy 13-08-37 for additional information on allowances and the use of specialised aids and equipment.

NRHA requires Para-Reining competitors to provide a physician’s statement.

For information on Para-Reining, visit World Para Reining at

Interested riders and coaches should contact:

Kathleen Murphy

Annie Woodhouse


NRHA Rules Applicable to Para-Reining

(10) A rider may not show more than three (3) horses in an NRHA class. If a rider rides more than one horse, there should be a spread of at least eight (8) horses between his/her runs. In cases where this minimum spread is not possible due to the number of entries, the spread should be the maximum possible. A horse may be entered only once per class. In the instance where classes are run concurrent, a rider may show three horses per class and a horse may only be shown once.

In Para-Reining classes a rider cannot show more than one horse in the same class and a horse may be shown a maximum of two (2) times in the same class.

(14) The use of a helmet is mandatory in all Para-Reining classes.

Open to riders with physical or mental disabilities to provide the opportunity to safely and effectively show a reining horse. Not for World Champion and Top Ten Awards. Will not count toward NRHA eligibility.
(1) Para-Reining shows cannot be restricted by any means other than the requirements set forth.
(2) Any Para-Reining class can be held in a Para-Reining Show.
(3) Para-Reining classes may not have added money.
(4) All riders must be an NRHA member and must submit a NRHA Para-Reining Physician Statement to show secretary prior to showing in a Para-Reining show.
(5) Horses do not have to have an NRHA Competition License prior to showing in a Para-Reining show.
(6) Entry fees are to be determined by the show management.
(7) Judges fees cannot exceed the entry fee.
(8) Show management does not remit the NRHA five percent (5%) retainage fee.
(9) Show management can retain any percentage of the entry fees.
(10) See NRHA Rules for Judging for allowable use of two hands and simple lead changes
(11) May use Patterns 1–13 NRHA or other relaxed pattern meeting the following guidelines. The required maneuvers are at least one (1) sliding stop, one (1) circle in each direction, a minimum of two (2) spins to the left and a minimum of two (2) spins to the right. Gaits may include a walk, trot and/or lope. It is the responsibility of the show management to inform the judge of the relaxed pattern prior to horses being shown.

Riders are allowed to use the general provisions included in the list below. Provisions outside of the list below will be handled at the discretion of show management.

a. Specialty braces and/or belts
b. Audio communication equipment
c. Trainer/handler present in the arena
d. Boot adaptations
e. Rein hand holds
f. Rubber bands
g. Saddle blocks
h. Wedges and/or cushions
i. Safety stirrups
j. Seat savers
k. Whips



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