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Para Reining In Australia

Para Reining

Open to riders with physical disabilities or intellectual impairment, must provide show management with current Para Reining Physicians Statement


(a) In World Para-Reining, a rider may ride up to but no more than three horses per class.  A horse may be shown a maximum of two (2) times in the same  class under different Para-Reining riders.

(b) The use of a certified helmet is mandatory in all Para-Reining classes and/or any time a Para Reining rider is mounted.

(c) Para-Reining classes may not have added money

(d) All Riders must be a RA member – Green Rider membership is acceptable

(e) Horses do not have to have an RA competition license prior to showing in a Para Reining class.

(f) Judge’s fee cannot exceed the entry fee

(g) Show Management can retain any percentage of the entry fees.

(h) May use reining patterns or other relaxed patterns meeting the following guidelines.

Required manoeuvres include at least one sliding stope, one circle in each direction, a minimum of two spins to the left and two spins to the right.

(i) Riders are allowed to choose the size and speed of the circles when it is not

specified in the pattern. Excessive speed will result in a manoeuvre deduction.

Gaits may include a walk, jog and/or lope.  Show management is responsible for

informing the Judge of the relaxed pattern prior to horses being shown.

(j) Riders are allowed to hold the saddle without penalty.

(k) Closed reins may be used and include but are not limited to romal, roping,

crossed, knotted, or taped reins.

(l) Riders are allowed to ride with one or two hands at any time during the class.

(m) Riders are allowed to use the general provisions included in the list below.

Provisions outside of the list below will be handled at the discretion of show management.


      a. Specialty braces and/or belts

      b. Audio communication equipment

      c. Trainer/handler present in the arena.

      d. Boot adaptations

      e. Rein hand holds.

      f. Rubber bands

      g. Saddle blocks

      h. Wedges and/or cushions

      i. Safety stirrups

      j. Seat savers

      k. Whips

(n) Exemption from dismounting during the post-check as long as an assistant is present with a halter and lead rope to aide in the post-check areas.

(o) Exhibitors may use any style bit. The judge stands as the final decision and may deem a bit inhumane and unfit for use in competition. 

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