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2012 - Founding 1989 NRHA Board & Committee 
In 1988, Phil and Dot Rodey organised two meetings (one at Cobbitty and one at Dubbo) to see if there was enough interest in forming a Reining Horse Association in Australia. 
At Tamworth in 1989, the first board of directors of the Australian NRHA were elected and in July of that year the first NRHA Futurity show was held at Whittlesea. 
The ten directors each donated $300 for the Futurity prize money of $3,000. The first NRHA Futurity was won by “Miss Bucks N Chex” ridden by Paul Farrell and was judged by Mario Boisjoli from the USA.  
Phil Rodey was the first NRHA President and Dot Rodey was the first Secretary/Treasurer which she held for seven years.  

  • Philip Rodey 

  • Dorothy Rodey 

  • Paul Farrell 

  • Rick Tranter 

  • Martin Larcombe 

  • Rodney Peachey 

  • Peter Rogan 

  • Dave Wedlock 

  • Ian Stringer 

  • Neville Fennel 

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