Equitana Australian Open

With an event prize pool of $30,000 the Australian Open Reining Championships attracts the best horse and rider combinations to Equitana Melbourne November each year.


Congratulations to Equitana Open Reining Champion 'Gunnerreload' ridden by Rodney Peachey, owned by Peter Bartolo with a score of 142. Close 2nd place 'Smoking Sherrif' ridden and owned by Scott Burnett with a score of 141.

Congratulations to all competitors in the Equitana Reining Championships 2018.



Rodney Peachey Riding Gunnerreload

2018 Equitana Open Reining Championships



Thank you to Equitana, Reining Australia, and our trainers for giving up thier time, Sue Franks, Ben Ryan and Warren Backhouse. Gatton Clinic sponsored by EQUITANA Australia.