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RA Change of Venue Survey

Reining Australia News Release from the President

The recent Facebook survey was posted to assist the Board in making an informed decision about a basic proposal received to consider another venue for our National Show. At this stage it is only a consideration and this survey will not determine unequivocally the move to another venue for our National Show. A decision of this magnitude needs to consider, dates, cost comparisons, the entire show calendar and the opinions of our membership. In the interests of the membership it was decided to give the membership a voice. It has become apparent that the survey results have been compromised due to the process, therefore this data cannot be used. The survey has been suspended and another survey will be created with further information to assist the membership with this decision. It is most likely this decision will be decided at the AGM through a Notice of Motion as it is a decision that will impact the entire membership including our Sponsors. Through a diplomatic process all of the information gathered will be put forward at the AGM for the membership and board to have a fair fully informed vote that will ensure transparency. I urge all members to ensure you attend the AGM or have your voice heard for the election and Notices of Motion at the upcoming AGM on 6th February in Brisbane.

Regards Karen Lowe

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